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How to Use Modelers With Dresses?

Por 04 novembro

How to Use Modelers With Dresses
Hey guys, let's talk about shaping straps?

How to Use Modelers With Dresses?

We've talked a few times here on the blog about shaping belts and the benefits of using some of the models available in the current market. However, a question I often hear is whether to use a model with a dress, as it can mark the silhouette. We prepared this post to help you in this matter.

Model dress maker

Yes, it is possible to use a shaping strap with a dress without marking, this will depend on the choice of dress model and the style of shaper. Loose dresses are more versatile, they can be used with different models of modeling belt: body, shorts, panties and Bermuda shorts. If you like this kind of dress, feel free to choose the best shapewear bodysuit that you feel most comfortable with.
How to Use Modelers With Dresses

How to Use Modelers With Dresses

For those who like tighter, tighter models, the models of body shapers in the shape of wide panties or body, models with less apparent seams and without fins to not mark the fabric.

Choose entire models such as shorts, bodysuits or dress with built in shapewear.
How to Use Modelers With Dresses

Make the choice of color

It is necessary to consider the color of your body shaper, dresses with transparency need more neutral colors, a good option is beige.

If the fabric is thicker, colors such as black can be used. Pieces with bolder colors, such as purple, red and green, can be used with more relaxed and fashions pieces.

Fabric choice

The fabric can greatly influence the fit of the piece when wearing a dress. Full-bodied and thick fabrics can mark the silhouette, lace items with many designs are more sensual and feminine, but if the dress fabric is very thin, the lace designs can be in evidence.

Closure type

The models without closure are ideal for tight dresses. Some models of modeling belt have a closure with hooks or zippers, for tight dresses choose the side or back closure. Another option is to choose body models or wide crotch panties.
How to Use Modelers With Dresses

Models of modelers with front closure can be used with loose, round dresses and with frontal details that do not mark the clothes.

And do you use or have you used any model of modeling belt? Do you prefer to use on special occasions or everyday life? Tell it all in the comments.

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