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Fabrics for Party Dresses

Por 15 junho

Fabrics for Party Dresses
Hello guys, let's talk about party fashion?

Fabrics for Party Dresses

Party or prom dresses are known for being exuberant dresses, with perfect sewing and fit, which make the woman elegant and sophisticated. Many dresses have details that enrich the production such as lace applications, rhinestones, embroidery or ruffles. One of the things that contribute to a party dress having these effects is the fabrics chosen. I selected some of these fabrics to show you and help you choose the perfect prom dress.

Satin or silk

Silk is a noble fabric, with a shine and lightness that give the pieces an elegance and movement. Satin is a variation of silk and also has a beautiful sheen. This fabric looks good in draped dresses, full, straight and flared skirts.
Often as a base fabric, it can be used under lighter fabrics such as tulle or lace and rhinestone applications.
Fabrics for Party Dresses


The sequin can be applied in details on top of the fabric, but there are fabrics made of sequins, these give an incomparable shine to the pieces. It is a fabric for those who are not afraid to dare and draw attention.
It is not suitable for daytime events because of its shine and can be used with more discreet accessories, such as earrings and bracelets.
Fabrics for Party Dresses


Lace is a romantic fabric and because of its designs it can have several combinations. It is a fabric normally used with a lining, it may or may not have applications and gemstone embroidery on top.
Lace dresses can indeed be sexy prom dresses, if the transparencies and necklines are explored.
It looks good in dress models that only want a detail like the lace bust, as the whole piece can be made in this fabric.
Fabrics for Party Dresses

Fabrics for Party Dresses


Chiffon is a noble fabric, similar to satin, but with more movement and softness. It is a very traditional fabric and easily found in prom dress shops.
It has less shine than satin. It looks good on various types of dress models. It looks good with appliqués and fabric blends like tulle.
In addition, it is a good option for parties during the day or for more discreet women.
Fabrics for Party Dresses


Tulle is a light, transparent and voluminous fabric, it is a great option for more romantic and delicate women when applied as volume and combined with more delicate lace. For those who like to dare, it can be used in tighter models, in necklines and on the back to give a transparency.
Fabrics for Party Dresses

Did you like these tips? Did you already know these fabrics? Which one is your favorite and which one do you not like?

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  1. Que tem mesmo modelos bem bonitos de vestidos, nem sei qual gostei mais
    Novo post
    Tem Post Novos Diariamente

  2. Cada vestido lindo!
    O meu preferido foi o primeiro com certeza.

    Diário da Lady

  3. oi! Eu adorei as inspirações <3 os vestidos são maravilhosos, e super elegantes

  4. Todos os vestido são lindos mas eu gostei mais do de tulle, muito inspirador!

  5. Oie, tudo bem? Que modelos mais lindos. Esse preto rodado é um dos meus favoritos. Um abraço, Érika =^.^=

  6. Que lindos, o brilho está com tudo hein.

  7. Nossa! para tudo com esses vestidos, um mais lindo que o outro

  8. Olá, tudo bem?

    Nossa, já fiquei babando nesses modelos de vestidos, pois é um mais bonito do que o outro. O meu favorito foi, sem dúvida, o último, de tule.



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